Monday, May 03, 2010

New blog, hacking, cache influence on performance, iPad etc

I noticed I have a bunch of followers here. I don't know how much you guys follow up on my posts, but if you are still interested in reading about the stuff I write about I recommend you check out my new blog at It is basically the same topics as this blog. I am not completely convinced yet, but I might discontinue using blogger and start with tumblr instead. Seems easier and prettier. Still haven't found any bloggging service well suited for writing about programming (syntax coloring of code snippets etc). The last topics has been about what is in the headline. In particular I recommend reading about how the cache affects the performance of your program. It really changes how you write and think about code. When calculating a*(b+345)+(d/89)*c+4... and it is faster than reading a value from memory it really changes your ideas about how to code. People are still too stuck in the idea that CPU's are slow and memory fast. In fact memory is so dam slow that calculating something and storing the result for later retrieval is usually considerably slower than just redoing the calculation. Ok, it is a bit more complicated than that. It all depends on what is in the cache and what isn't. But you can read that on tumblr.