Sunday, January 22, 2006

About Load Code

My intention with this blog is to write about programming for beginners to professionals. Mostly I will focus on intermediate. I am also very opinionated about programming languages and practices and will also comment on that as well as make language comparisons. I love to try out new tools and programming languages. Well maybe not so much anymore.

Anyway I been a C/C++ programmer for many years, both on hobby basis, as a student and as a professional. It is a language that probably has the riches selections of ways to shoot yourself in the foot. Still I can’t seem to get away from it. There is just so much flexibility, libraries and tools available for the language. And when it comes to performance it is hard to match. It is a very handy language to know but I find that a lot of Computer Science students these days have a lot of trouble understanding the language. So I thought I’d write some tutorials and tips and tricks on the things that are difficult for beginners to understand.

Apart from that I would also like to write about what is more like my passion. Languages like Ruby, Python and Smalltalk. A lot of these languages I like just because of their elegance, power and simplicity, but unfortunately don’t use that much because they are simply not practical. So I will also write some about Script languages and how you can benefit from them even if you are a C++ programmer.

And lastly I’d like to give introduction to more advance topics. A sort of algorithms for dummies. Well…. I always have a lot of ideas. We’ll see what I will actually get around to writing about.

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